Ghislaine Maxwell is allegedly planning on exposing the truth about Donald Trump in the hopes that she would be given lesser jail time.

In its July 25 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Maxwell is confident that she could also be granted a pardon by Joe Biden if she exposes Trump because the two leaders have sworn nemesis.

60 Minutes producer Ira Rosen previously told Maxwell that he wants to see the tapes of Trump with the girls. The producer also said that Maxwell initially denied having knowledge of the videos. But Jeffrey Epstein’s madame later made a shocking comment.

“I am the daughter of a press baron. I know the way you people think. If you do one side, you must do the other. If you get the tapes on Trump, you have to do Clinton,” Maxwell said.

In 2019, Epstein was arrested for sexually abusing underage girls. At the time, Clinton and Trump distanced themselves from the convicted sex offender. Trump also said that the last time that he spoke to Epstein was 15 years ago.

A year later, Maxwell was arrested. And she has stayed mum on whoever else is involved in her and Epstein’s deeds. However, the tabloid is confident that this could change very soon.

“Nobody wants to be a rat, but after hearing her sentence, Ghislaine may have realized she has no other options but to sing. She knows she’ll have to wait until Biden reaches his final days in the office before her pardon would be signed,” the source said.

Texas political pundit Alex Stein also weighed in on the possibility of Maxwell ratting out Trump and the other high-profile personalities that also sexually abused underage girls.

“If Ghislaine really came forward with the goods on Trump, then it would be impossible, I think, for even him to overcome,” he said.

As of late, there’s still no proof that Maxwell has plans to rat out Trump and the other high-profile personalities involved in the scandal.

However, it is true that Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years in prison. And it’s unclear if she’s hoping to receive a pardon from Biden.

Meanwhile, there are also rumors that Maxwell wants to drag Prince Andrew into the scandal. After all, the Duke of York insisted that he didn’t know Maxwell that well even though they were close friends.