Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are allegedly officially engaged.

In its July 25 issue, National Enquirer claimed that the couple isn’t in a rush to settle down even though they’ve been engaged for quite some time.

After all, a source claimed that Swift and Alwyn agreed to sort out their issues first before the singer walks down the aisle. And some of their issues allegedly have to do with money and their living arrangements.

“Taylor is not 100 percent sold on a full-time move to London. She’s very attached to Nashville and needs time in New York and LA for work, although she enjoys the UK lifestyle. They’re constantly traveling, but it’s tough because of her schedule and Joe’s need for his own recognition as someone other than Mr. Taylor Swift,” the source said.

The source also claimed that Swift and Alwyn have been avoiding discussions about their prenup for fear that it would rock the boat.

“They’ve been living in this bubble and pushing big issues to the side. Joe would like to work it all out in counseling, but that’s not Taylor’s style, unloading all this on a stranger. She wants to discuss it calmly with Joe, but they already have precious little time together. The upshot is they are no closer to naming the date than they were six months ago,” the source said.

Last week, there were also rumors that Alwyn is desperate to tie the knot with Swift, but the singer is allegedly stalling their wedding. As such, the British lad is allegedly contemplating splitting from the “Red” singer.

“Friends are buzzing that her and Joe’s relationship is all but over. There are even whispers he may be getting ready to dump her because he’s not ready to settle down for good. Instead of celebrating their anniversary this fall, Taylor could find herself heartbroken from yet another failed romance,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. First, Swift and Alwyn are not yet engaged. If they are, they will most likely share the news with the entire world.

So, if the couple isn’t engaged then everything that the tabloid said about them isn’t true either. After all, the couple couldn’t be feuding over a prenup if there was no engagement in the first place.