Ana de Armas just broke her silence on her split from Ben Affleck in January 2021.

During her interview with Elle, the Deep Water actress admitted that the relationship got a little bit too much for her that’s why she decided to end it and leave Los Angeles.

“That’s one of the reasons why I left LA. This is not the place for me to be. It became a little bit too much. There’s no escape. There’s no way out,” she said.

De Armas and Affleck dated during the COVID-19 pandemic and shortly after they were cast in Deep Water. They were photographed on multiple occasions together with Affleck’s three children, Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel.

But before the New Year in 2021, the sightings of the then-couple became fewer and fewer. And it wasn’t long before a source confirmed that they’ve already split.

At the time, an insider told Page Six that Affleck and de Armas called it quits because they were not on the same page in their relationship. The actress reportedly wanted to have kids, but Affleck didn’t want more.  

“There is a lot of love still between the two of them. The split is as amicable as can be,” the source said.

As of writing, de Armas and Affleck already moved on from each other and both are already dating. Affleck is engaged to his fiancée, Jennifer Lopez, while de Armas is dating Tinder exec Paul Boukadakis.

De Armas and Boukadakis have been dating for over a year. And in December, they were photographed kissing while strolling the streets of Los Angeles.

As for Affleck and Lopez, the two were also very public when it came to their relationship. Since they are both big Hollywood stars, the paparazzi hound them everywhere they go.

However, it seems that the couple doesn’t mind all the attention that they’ve been getting. But the same cannot be said several years ago when they first got together.

In fact, sources revealed that one of the reasons why Affleck and Lopez called off their engagement was because of the stress that the paparazzi caused them. The couple didn’t also like the fact that they were followed and then criticized for every single thing that they did.

But by the looks of it, things already changed after Affleck and Lopez got back together.