Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have allegedly been fighting nonstop because they want different things.

In its July 8 issue, Heat UK claimed that Prince Harry and Markle were spotted arguing during the former’s polo match.

A source claimed that the Duchess of Sussex is upset with her husband because she wants to be more famous than him. However, Prince Harry is the one who has a memoir.

However, the source also stressed that Prince Harry is not after the fame that he’s been getting. In fact, it’s the last thing that he wants. However, he can’t control the public’s fascination with him.

“Harry did dial back on some PR engagements and filming commitments. It feels like it’s all become too much for him, especially with the Netflix crew everywhere. He’ll be so relieved when it’s over,” the source said.

The source also said that Prince Harry wanted to stay out of the limelight for as long as possible after he saw the public’s reaction when he returned to Britain. At the time, some Britons heckled the Duke and Sussex.

“The frosty reaction he received from William and other members of the family really alarmed Harry. He was embarrassed and felt no one wanted to be seen with him. It made him want to get away from the spotlight and focus on his charity work. He’s worried all the endless TV interviews are starting to look a bit tacky, and it feels like he’s drifting away from the reasons he and Meghan stepped down from the royal family in the first place,” the source said.

However, Markle isn’t allegedly on the same page that’s why she and Prince Harry always end up arguing. The Duchess of Sussex thinks that she and her husband are just getting started with their showbiz careers. So, she wants to make the most of the opportunity and have as many projects as possible.

Unfortunately, the tabloid’s claims haven’t been confirmed. And they weren’t also able to provide proof that Prince Harry and Markle had a public spat during the former’s polo match.

Photos of the couple from the sports event showed them chatting and smiling. And there was no indication that they had a fight.

It’s not also true that Prince Harry and Markle aren’t on the same page when it comes to their plans.