Russian President Vladimir Putin has only two years left to live amid deteriorating eyesight and a battle against other "grave" illnesses, Ukrainian spy chief Maj. Gen. Kyrylo Budanov claims.

Budanov said that spies in Kyiv were able to infiltrate the Kremlin and gathered sufficient evidence and information based on "human intelligence" regarding the claims. In an interview, the general said that Putin does not have a long life left ahead of him.

Vladimir Putin's Health

The Ukrainian spy chief's remarks are the latest in a series of rumors surrounding the despot's ailing health that have circulated since the beginning of Russia's war on Ukraine. Earlier this month, Putin was filmed tightly gripping a table while meeting with his Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu.

Later, the Russian president was seen swaying and seemed unsteady on his feet as he presented a prize to Russian filmmaker Nikita Mikhalkob in Moscow. Telegram channel General SVR reported in May that the Kremlin leader looked weak while rising from his chair during a video conference with officials due to feeling a "sharp sickness, weakness, and dizziness," as per Mirror.

Much of the speculation surrounding Putin's health has been related to the Russian president's puffy face and shaking limbs during public appearances. The rumors also come after Western officials suggested that the speculation is mounting in Russia over who will succeed the tyrannical leader when he passes away.

However, authorities did not give a timescale and said that there was no "immediate threat" to Putin's grip on power but instead on "more chatter" about his future. While the loss of support for the Russian president is likely to come too late to bring the war to a swift end, an official said that there were growing talks about who will replace him in the near future.

According to Insider, Budanov's recent remarks come after his comments last month that claimed Putin was suffering from cancer. The Russian president's health has been a hot topic for several years but much more so in recent months amid Moscow's war on Ukraine.

Not Long to Live

The last time that the Kremlin confirmed Putin was sick was in 2012 after he disappeared from public view and canceled several meetings. However, Russian authorities have continuously denied the recent allegations that the Kremlin leader is battling serious health issues.

The reports come as an unidentified Russian spy to FSB defector Boris Karpichkov said that Putin was losing his eyesight and was suffering from frequent headaches. The unnamed officer said that they were told that the Kremlin leader was having headaches and needs pieces of paper with everything written in huge letters to read what he was going to say when he appears on TV.

The Russian spy added that the president's limbs were now also "shaking uncontrollably" in support of previous claims. General SVR also claimed that Putin's doctors warned him that surgery might incapacitate him for a "short time" during which he could briefly hand over power over the country to an aide until he recovers enough, the Independent reported.