Amber Heard seemingly hinted that she and her team would appeal soon, and something would help her cover the damages and additional expenses.

On Friday, Law&Crime's Angenette Levy shared on Twitter that Judge Penney Azcarate gave both parties more time to reach a potential settlement. She also noted that there would be additional fees if Heard wants to appeal the verdict.

"AH [Amber Heard] has said she will appeal. Judge A. notes that in order to do so, she has to post a suspension bond - the judgment $10.35M plus 6% interest annually. EB said she wants to address bond in post-trial motions. Judge A said the bond must be posted," Levy reported.

Questions about whether or not Heard could cover the damages alone have been up in the air since the defamation trial reached a verdict.

Some experts said Heard might file for bankruptcy but warned that it would still not save from her debts.

But now, The Mirror (per Marca) claimed that the "Aquaman" actress found a new source of income after scoring a book project.

Amber Heard To Push Through With Tell-All Book For Money?

The news outlet revealed that the book would help her pay the compensation she owed.

For what it's worth, OK Magazine reported that Heard plans to write a book while considering her career in Hollywood. An insider said she would do everything she wants now that she has nothing to lose.

"Amber considers her career in Hollywood over. She's already in talks and is excited about it," a source said, per New York Post. "At this point, she has nothing to lose and wants to tell all."

The Mirror said Heard had already started the discussions for the book and showed excitement because of the topic she would write.

However, the British newspaper talked to a divorce lawyer who warned that the book could lead to another lawsuit.

Per lawyer Dror Bikel, Heard's zero credibility would only make the book a flob. After the court awarded Depp with a favorable verdict, Heard automatically suffered a devastating moment with regard to her reputation and credibility.

He also said that the book could make the actress face a new defamation case since Depp and his lawyers would definitely read and listen to everything she writes and says.

If she crosses the line again, Bikel disclosed that Depp would be up for a new legal battle.