Amber Heard continues to make buzzes after losing the defamation trial, but the public thinks she is faking everything now.

Heard seemingly showed that she is already broke - although she has not paid Johnny Depp yet - visiting a discount store and a local grocery in the past days.

She was first spotted being thrifty by shopping at the discount department store TJ Maxx. She was also seen at the Hamptons recently.

However, it seems like these outings were staged.

Radar Online received tops from multiple sources who said that Heard's recent "paparazzi" images were faked. The insiders claimed that it was the "Aquaman" actress's other attempt to win the public's sympathy after losing the trial.

"There is a tell-tale sign on both sets of images that to me seemingly raise more questions than providing headlines! If these images were taken by a paparazzo, the paparazzo or the paparazzo's employer would be desperate to have their byline attached to the sets to get additional sales from media outlets," one said.

The insider explained that both photos do not have bylines. It is reportedly a sign that the images were sold to a media outlet or given away the photos for use free of charge.

With that, they want to know the reason why there were no bylines despite the photos' potential hits.

Amber Heard's Photo During Hamptons Shopping Were Taken by Her Team?

Meanwhile, another source explained that paparazzi do not actually visit The Hamptons. For instance, A-list celebrities like Jay-Z, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Gwyneth Paltrow are regulars in the area.

However, unlike Heard, they never had their photos taken.

"If I were to place a bet, I'd bet these images were not independently shot by a photographer, nor did Amber happen to be caught out at a discount department store and buying inexpensive groceries. They're staged which means she or someone else is cashing in on her infamy!" the source continued.

If proven true, Heard would put herself in more danger as she already had a history of manipulating her photos and the media.

For what it's worth, Camille Vasquez questioned how TMZ and paparazzi knew the location and time she filed a temporary restraining order against Depp in 2016. The star lawyer asked Heard if she knew the media would be there, but the actress continued to clear herself from the issue.