Brian Laundrie's parents, Chris and Roberta, are now in trouble as they reportedly showed signs that they are guilty of the accusations against them.

Gabby Petito's death anniversary nears, but her family is yet to get the justice she deserves as Laundrie's parents remain uncooperative amid the hearing and probe.

RadarOnline recently reported that Chris and Roberta skipped the hearing while the people inside a Florida courtroom discussed whether a civil case against the parents should be pushed through. Petito's parents alleged that they knew their son murdered the late YouTuber and did nothing.

"It's about the course of conduct from the moment they learned from Aug. 28, 2021, from when they learned their son brutally murdered Gabby Petito," the Petito family's lawyer, Patrick Riley, said.

Joe Petito and Nichole Schmidt have sued Chris and Roberta and accused them of inflicting emotional distress. They told the court that Chris and Roberta knew the time Laundrie killed Petito and helped him keep the crime out of the spotlight.

After hearing the case, a judge in Sarasota County said he would issue a written decision to determine whether the lawsuit should go to a jury trial.

Both Joseph and Nicole looked emotional throughout the proceedings. Meanwhile, a representative for the absent Laundries told the judge that the lawsuit should be dismissed since they had a constitutional right to remain silent.

The attorney also argued that Chris and Roberta did not have to tell anybody what they may or may not have known about Petito's death.

Chris, Roberta Laundrie Guilty? Brian Laundrie's Parents Might Be in Trouble Soon

During the same Wednesday hearing, Reilly argued that Chris and Roberta should be liable for Petito's death as they covered the crime by not reporting to the police what they knew.

"It's about what they did with the information they had. They could have made an anonymous phone call and said where the body was located. They knew starting on August 28th that Gabby was dead, they knew where her body was," the Petito family's representative said.

He also alleged that Steve Bertolino made a false statement about the Laundrie family's hopes to find Petito when they knew she was already killed.

Despite the argument that Laundrie's attorney presented, former FBI agent Jennifer Coffindaffer told News Nation Now's correspondent Brian Entin that "anything from a discarded item or a deleted text could lead to an inquiry/charges against the Laundries."