Netizens have recently shared their thoughts and opinions about the bullying allegations against Meghan Markle. This comes after Buckingham Palace reportedly “buried” the results of its probe into the accusations.

Express UK reported that many fans of the former actress took their remarks to social media and slammed the Royal Firm. Most of them are even said to have used the hashtag, “Royal Family Lied,” in their posts.

The publication quoted one of the critics, saying, “they tried to silence [and] intimidate Meghan by launching a fake investigation. It did not work so they are trying to hide the BS.”

Another netizen reportedly echoed the sentiments, stating, “Royal Family never even conducted an investigation,” adding that it was “only to scare [the Duchess of Sussex] into canceling the Oprah interview."

The same outlet continued to quote several other Twitter users who have shared their support for Meghan Markle. One fan said, “Meghan has been bullied by the [Royal Family] and did not say half [of] what she went through in the interview.”

A different critic of the Royal Firm also reportedly pointed out that “after they failed to silence [the Duchess of Sussex], they had to continue to pretend that an investigation was happening.”

Another is said to have claimed, “So Buckingham Palace leaked the existence of a bullying investigation,” which occurred four days before the Oprah interview, “but not the results?”

As the criticisms have continued to emerge, publications have already approached the palace for comment. However, no official word regarding the matter has been heard yet.

The fans' and supporters’ clamor on social media platforms come after a source told the Sunday Times that the findings of the investigation have been “buried” by Buckingham Palace.

Page Six released a report on the matter, noting that the “highly sensitive inquiry” is about the bullying allegations against Meghan Markle.

A source reportedly stated that the results “will never be released” because of two reasons. Firstly, it is said to be for the protection of the “participants’ privacy” and secondly, “to tamp down tensions” between the Sussex pair and the rest of the British Royal Family.

The investigation, which reports deemed “unprecedented,” is said to be privately funded by Queen Elizabeth II.

It began in March 2021 after two senior palace staff members alleged that they had been bullied into leaving their jobs working for Meghan Markle.

The Sussexes’ camp denied the allegations, even calling them a “smear campaign,” according to Cheat Sheet.