Wendy Williams allegedly does not leave her house and has not taken any meetings following the end of her show. She is claimed to be “sitting” inside, adding that she “has no plans” for her career.

The Sun reported that the claims came from a source close to the 57-year-old talk show host. It comes as “The Wendy Williams Show” reached its end on Friday.

The unnamed insider alleged that Williams has not gone out “to meet people to move forward.” She has not taken meetings, as well, adding that “she has no plan” at all.

The same informant continued that the former radio DJ “can’t remember anything.” This led the publication to assert that she is “suffering memory loss.”

It consequently quoted the source, saying, “[Wendy Williams] needs a teleprompter and she needs someone there to remind her of things.”

Moreover, it is alleged that the role of producer Norman Baker was “crucial” in keeping the celebrity’s “mind on track in recent years.”

Later in the report, the same insider added that Williams’ focus “has been getting her money from Wells Fargo.” It is reportedly “all she seems to care about” these past few months.

Following all the allegations, though, no confirmations have been made to verify them. The insider has not also provided any proof to substantiate the narrative.

In addition, the New York’s so-called “Shock Jockette” has yet to make official statements about the matter. She has not released any comment regarding the issue, making it all speculative at best.

Accordingly, unless otherwise stated, the latest rumors about Wendy Williams remain mere speculations.

Meanwhile, the 57-year-old personality’s titular show indeed ended its years-long course on television on Friday. People released a report on the matter, confirming the material’s conclusion.

A spokesperson for the show told the magazine that the final episode of “The Wendy Williams Show” would air on June 17. The material would also come with a “video tribute to the iconic host.”

Wendy Williams had not been on her own show for months, including the final original episode. It was confirmed that she would not return for the rest of Season 13 earlier in February, according to Us Weekly.

During the same month, however, the talk show host reportedly shared on Instagram that she would go back “stronger” while noting that her vacation in Florida was “peaceful.”

In March, Williams was on “Good Morning America” and stated that she was “very comfortable” returning to work. She was said to have pointed out that her “partners with the show, everybody’s ready.”

The celebrity host reportedly continued, “give me about three months” before urging the public to “keep watching because [she was] going to be back on ‘The Wendy Show,’ bigger and brighter than ever.”