Victoria Beckham allegedly wants to go all-out with planning Geri Halliwell’s 50th birthday party.

Rumor has it that the other members of the Spice Girls wanted to help plan the important celebration, but Beckham refused. After all, she knows that she’s the best one at throwing birthday parties.

“Vic is taking full control of organizing Geri’s birthday. She’s the first one in the band to turn 50 so Vic wants to make it extra special and have all the girls together again. She’ll get caterers in, there will be plenty of drinks, and everyone will be able to really let their hair down,” the source told Heat UK

The source also said that Beckham and Halliwell are the closest among the Spice Girls members. In fact, the fashion designer previously revealed that she and Halliwell never lost touch even though she stopped being an active member of the 90s girl group.

“Although she didn’t take part in the Spice Girls reunion tour, she still misses them all. After some rocky years, she’s back on really friendly terms with Mel B and would love to get everyone together to hang out and reminisce. They achieved so much together and as they’re getting older, Vic really values their friendship and the experiences they shared,” the source said.

While it is possible for Beckham to be planning Halliwell’s 50th birthday party, there’s no proof that the other members of the Spice Girls are upset with her.

It’s not true that there’s bad blood between the members of the group because they have known each other for years. And they also treat each other like they are sisters.

Meanwhile, Beckham also made headlines recently amid claims that she has been pressuring Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz to have a baby. After all, she believes that Brooklyn should welcome his first child at 24.

A source also claimed that Beckham wants to be a young grandma. So, she has been having one-on-one talks with Peltz and forcing her to get pregnant right now.

However, Brooklyn doesn’t allegedly appreciate what his mom is doing because he and his wife agreed to take things slow.

As of late, there’s no proof that Beckham is this desperate to have a grandchild to the point that she’s forcing her eldest son to have a baby right now.