Amber Heard’s future allegedly seems uncertain after she lost against Johnny Depp in the defamation lawsuit that he filed years ago.

According to Heat UK, it’s unlikely for Heard to be able to get new projects in Hollywood right now because of the bad reception that she received.

However, if the Aquaman actress stars in an indie film, she could eventually return to Hollywood.

“I think her career is over. If she did a terrific indie with a terrific part… I think she could come back from this,” a source said.

And since Heard won’t be generating any income for the next couple of months or even years, she might find it hard to pay Depp for the damages caused.

Heard hasn’t also stayed true to her promise of donating the money that she got from winning her lawsuit in the United Kingdom to her chosen charity.

As such, the source claimed that Heard might personally reach out to Depp and ask him to give her a discount on the settlement.

“Publicly, Amber says she’ll fight this with everything she’s got until the bitter end. But privately, she knows this could drag on for years and ruin her. Johnny might be open to striking some type of deal if Amber drops her appeal plans and agrees not to publish a tell-all book. But it means swallowing her pride and making a horrible choice,” the source said.

As for Depp, the Edward Scissorhands star reportedly feels vindicated. In fact, Depp is also expecting to receive offers left and right in Hollywood. The source is convinced that Disney would reach out to Depp and ask him to reprise his role in The Pirates of the Caribbean.

But in the end, the actor should also be careful when accepting job offers because things could backfire for him if he has an arrogant attitude.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. It’s not true that Heard lost some of her acting jobs following Depp’s win. In fact, she will continue to appear in the upcoming Aquaman movie.

Heard hasn’t also expressed any desire to reach out to Depp personally and ask for a discount on the settlement. This isn’t something that she could do because her lawyers must have prevented her from doing it.