Amber Heard has faced new waves of criticism ahead of the premiere of her first tell-all interview since the trial. She has reportedly even become a “laughing stock” following the comments she had made during the engagement.

Geo News reported that many netizens slammed the 36-year-old celebrity on various social media platforms. It comes after a snippet of her upcoming exclusive interview was released on Tuesday.

In one part of the sit-down chat with the host of “TODAY Show,” Savannah Guthrie, Heard made a comment on Johnny Depp’s acting, particularly his role as Edward Scissorhands.

The “Rum Diary” actress was first asked about her thoughts regarding being mocked as a performer giving the “performance of a lifetime.” She responded, “Says the lawyer, for the man who convinced the world he had scissors for fingers.”

On Twitter, several netizens reportedly expressed their surprise at Amber Heard’s remarks about Johnny Depp and his character as Edward Scissorhands in the titular film. This has led them to poke fun at the actress in the comment section.

One individual is said to have commented, “...I think Amber Heard believes she was in a relationship with Edward Scissorhands.”

Another Twitter user reportedly shared, “No one believed Edward Scissorhands was a real person.”

A different critic is reported to have echoed the sentiments of others, saying, “[Heard] is implying the jury saw Johnny Depp and Edward Scissorhands synonymously.”

The New York Post recently released a similar report, detailing what several other netizens have to say about Amber Heard’s tell-all interview. As stated, she is “getting thrown into the lion’s den” with critics “thrashing” her and deeming the sit-down chat as “career-killing” material.

One individual reportedly asserted, “How can people not see through this? Can they not see she’s acting?”

Another critic is shared to have pointed out that “nobody said [Heard’s] acting was good on the stand. She is both a terrible actress in movies and in trials.”

A different netizen reportedly added that the “interview is the proof that she doesn’t have a proper PR team anymore. If she had, they would’ve told her not to do this.”

Reports said Amber Heard’s first interview since the trial will drop on Friday. But, promotional and teaser materials have been making headlines since they first emerged on Monday.

A source told Entertainment Tonight that “this is just the beginning” for the “Aquaman” actress. It was also claimed that “she has a plan and strategy to make a comeback over the next year.”