Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are looking to expand their family.

During a recent interview with Good Morning America, Lopez shared what she and Affleck plan to do after they tie the knot.

She said that she would continue working after her wedding, but she also hopes to build a family with Affleck.

“I love my career, but nothing is more fulfilling to me than being able to build my family with someone who I love deeply and is just as dedicated to family and to each other as we can be,” she said (via Geo. TV).

And even though she’s excited about what lies ahead, Lopez said that she’s the type who wants to focus more on the present.

It is unclear if Lopez’s statement confirmed her plans to have a baby with Affleck. After all, it’s also possible for the Hustler star to be talking about their blended family.

Lopez already has two kids with her ex-husband, Marc Anthony. And Affleck has three children with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner.

Sources previously confirmed that all five children get along well. And Max and Emme, 14, as well as Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel will have important roles at their nuptials.

Meanwhile, Lopez and Affleck have also been at the center of other rumors concocted by the tabloids.

Last week, Woman’s Day claimed that Lopez couldn’t stand Affleck’s wardrobe. As such, she decided to change everything about her future husband.

“Jen threw out at least four-fifths of his clothes. She does the same with all her men but insists it’s not controlling. She’s obsessed with menswear, just as much as women’s, and let’s face it, Ben’s not known for his debonair street style. De-scruffing Ben was somewhat overdue,” the source said.

However, it’s obvious that the tabloid couldn’t come up with a more realistic story about Lopez and Affleck. After all, it’s not true that she dislikes Affleck’s style.

And if Lopez had an issue with Affleck’s wardrobe, she could’ve just informed him. It seems over-the-top for the singer-actress to throw out all of Affleck’s clothes.

It is also important to note that Lopez and Affleck have known each other for years. So, Lopez is familiar with the way Affleck dresses and doesn’t have any problem with it.