Queen Elizabeth allegedly gathered all her loved ones during her Platinum Jubilee celebration for a private meeting.

In its June 20 issue, Life & Style claimed that the royal family had a blast. And they all set their differences aside to make the queen happy.

A source claimed that the royal family wanted the Platinum Jubilee to be extra special for the monarch because this could be her last year on the throne.

“The queen plans to really take a step back after the jubilee, and the dinner was the beginning of that transition. She loves being with her family and wants to do more of that. Any time the whole family is together these days, it’s in the back of everyone’s mind that it could be the last time. They’re not blind to see the queen’s age,” the source said.

The source also said that the queen surprised the royal family with some of their favorite dishes. After all, she didn’t want the whole event to be all about her.

“She didn’t want it to be another event entirely about her, though. She is less stuffy as she’s gotten older and wants everyone to feel like they have a place at the table – both literally and figuratively,” the source said.

According to the source, the queen doesn’t have any plans to abdicate. But it’s only a matter of time before the public stops seeing her in public for good. In fact, as early as now, she has already been passing on some of her royal duties to her successors, Prince Charles and Prince William.

“She made it her mission to teach and guide the next generations while she’s still alive. Everyone is willing to take on more responsibilities to help out. It’s left the queen feeling content and at peace,” the source said.

While it’s true that the queen has been training the next generation of royals, it’s not true that she held a private dinner meeting with all of them. There was no proof that this happened and the queen seemed too tired to even host a meal with the royal family.

After all, she was supposed to make appearances throughout the four-day event but she ended up staying home after the Trooping the Colour. She also skipped the Thanksgiving Service.