Jennifer Aniston is allegedly obsessed with her diet and exercise to the point that it’s the only thing that’s ruling her life.

In its June 18 issue, Heat UK claimed Aniston became even more particular with the way she looks when she turned 50. And now that she’s already 53 years old, she has become so obsessed with looking her best.

“Jen is more obsessed with diet and exercise than ever, it’s taking over everything in her life. Most days, she’s up before 5 a.m., pounding the treadmill for a good hour of hardcore cardio then it’s weights and planks. Her afternoons are often dedicated to Pilates or yoga, and she also sees her boxing teacher once or twice a week. Jen’s pushed herself so hard and got so ripped, she even has the classic six-pack she rocked in her early thirties,” the source said.

However, those close to Aniston couldn’t help but notice that her obsession made her seem as though she was training for the Olympics.

“A lot of them are saying Jen’s getting boring and needs to chill with this fitness obsession. Her social life has taken a hit as she avoids nights out or leaves early so that she sticks to her regime,” the source said.

It has allegedly reached a point wherein Aniston encourages her friends to do yoga with her or exercise when they invite them to her home. In the past, she would invite her Friends and co-stars for food and drinks. But now, it’s a complete turnaround from what they were used to.

“And her love life is non-existent. Right now, Jen is focused on getting the best body she’s ever had while inspiring other women her age to exercise. And if that makes her less exciting to be around, so be it,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. There’s no proof that Aniston has become so obsessed with her diet and exercise now that she’s 53 years old.

It seems that the tabloid exaggerated Aniston’s recent post about her fitness regime. At the time, the actress revealed that she has been eating protein bars to help with her fitness goals.

There’s nothing surprising about this because Aniston is an actress so it is important for her to look and feel good. But this doesn’t mean that she’s obsessed with how she looks.