Barack Obama is allegedly contemplating divorcing his wife, Michelle Obama.

Sources told Globe magazine that Barack was already feeling jealous over the fact that Michelle has a crush on Formula One racer, Lewis Hamilton.

But after seeing the former first lady trying to lose weight and dressing up differently, the ex-POTUS became even more enraged. After all, he knows that Michelle wants to look good for other men who are much younger than him.

“Barack is appalled by Michelle’s glamming herself up and flirting with hot younger guys. It’s humiliating to him and something he’s not willing to tolerate. But Michelle isn’t going to be dictated to by anyone, least of her jealous husband. She’s enjoying this new chapter in her life as well as her freedom,” the source said.

Still, the source claimed that the changes that Michelle has been undertaking are causing arguments between her and Barack.

“Their fights have gotten seriously toxic. They’re yelling and screaming at each other the whole time and neither of them is backing down. Michelle and Barack have been getting on each other’s nerves for a while but lately, it’s gotten a whole lot worse,” the source said.

However, the source also insisted that the ex-president means well. After all, he’s just worried that Michelle’s plastic surgery would do more harm than good since some celebrities who got one looked much worse after the surgery than before.

“Hugging and flirting with a race car driver who’s 20 years her junior is embarrassing enough, but Barack’s fear is Michelle turning them both into jokes. They’ve had many arguments about it,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. It’s unclear why the same tabloid has been insisting that Barack and Michelle are on the brink of divorce even when they have no proof to support their allegations.

It’s not also true that Michelle is flirting with Hamilton or that she has a crush on him. The two just met but this doesn’t mean anything.

And it seems the ex-FLOTUS is the last person who’ll get plastic surgery because she’s very confident and at peace with the way she looks. And those that know her, as well as her fans know that she and Barack are doing OK.