Ghislaine Maxwell narrowly cheated death after two inmates tried to kill her in her sleep.

According to Globe, Maxwell has just been moved into general prison when the attack happened. And it all started after two inmates stabbed her.

Even though the prison was packed with guards on duty, no one saw the incident other than Maxwell’s prison mates.

“Just before lights out one evening, Ghislaine’s cellmate wasn’t there and the two bigger, heavy-set women jumped her. One grabbed her from behind and clamped her hands over her mouth, muzzling her while the other stabbed at her side with a shank knife. But Ghislaine was stronger than they realized and writhed and thrashed, knocking the makeshift knife out of the attacker’s hand,” the source said.

Maxwell’s jailmate saw the incident unfold toward the end while the two women were kneeling and pinning her down to the floor. She was the one who called for help and that was the only time the guards on duty found out about what happened.

Following the incident, Jeffrey Epstein’s former madam reportedly cried uncontrollably for days. She also detailed the alleged incident in a police report but sources are convinced that the guards didn’t file it.

According to Paul Huebl, a former Chicago cop, Maxwell is a target among other prisoners because she’s a high-profile individual with ties to the different US presidents, as well as Prince Andrew.

And the fact that she was imprisoned for allegedly hiring young girls to be molested by Epstein didn’t help.

“That goes double for a woman who molested children or helped another person like Epstein molest children. People connected to that sort of thing do not do well in prison,” Huebl said.

What’s worse is that Maxwell is also being targeted by other prisoners potentially hired by the world leaders for fear that she would implicate them one day. And the fact that she knows too much is causing them to worry.

As of late, there’s no proof that Maxwell almost died in prison following a massive attack. By the looks of it, the tabloid is just saying this to strengthen their previous claims that Epstein didn’t kill himself. Instead, he was killed by his fellow inmates because of what he did to underage girls in the 90s.