Meghan Markle is accused of copying Kim Kardashian’s reality TV show and wardrobe.

A source told Globe that Markle has become so inspired by Kardashian’s new show, The Kardashians to the point that she’s thinking of appearing in her own reality TV show.

But this is not all. Prince Harry’s wife has also been photographed wearing outfits that are similar to what Kardashian wore in the past.

“Picking Kim Kardashian as a role model just confirms what the royals always thought about Meghan – that’s she’s a tasteless, common piece of trash. You would’ve thought Meghan would’ve wanted to pattern herself after Harry’s mom, Princess Diana – a woman who oozed taste and class but showed she cared about the plight of desperate people,” the source said.

However, Markle opted to follow in the footsteps of Kardashian. Even though the reality TV star has had so much success in the business, she has also been at the center of various scandals throughout the years.

“Instead, Meghan has gone for tasteless by following Kim, a talentless woman whose fame rests on a video of her having [expletive] with a boyfriend. Let’s face it, Meghan’s patterning herself after an amateur porn star. No wonder the royals are in stitches,” the source said.

Other than her wardrobe, the source is also convinced that Markle has been copying Kardashian because of the latter’s close friendship with Serena Williams. Royal fans know that Markle and Williams have been friends for years.

Markle and Kardashian also share other similarities like their love for appearing on talk shows, their choices for designer clothes, their love for posing in their bikinis, and their choice of residence.

But despite all these similarities, there’s no proof that Markle has been trying to copy Kardashian. And there’s no reason for her to do so because they are very different from one another.

By the looks of it, the tabloid is just creating this comparison to support their previous claims that Markle and Prince Harry would headline a Kardashians-inspired reality TV show on Netflix.

However, the streaming giant has not confirmed the rumors. And the Duke and Duchess of Sussex previously said that they will not headline shows for Netflix. Instead, they will just produce and release projects for the platform.

Unfortunately, this is something that the couple hasn’t done even if it’s been a year since they signed a multi-year deal with Netflix.