A royal expert reportedly said Prince Harry should have put on a “happy face” when he was in the United Kingdom. As asserted, he looked “ill at ease in his homeland,” unlike his wife, Meghan Markle.

Express UK reported that the assertions were made by Ingrid Seward. She claimed that the royal-born Prince appeared “uneasy” at his two official appearances during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

The expert reportedly pointed out that she was talking about the engagements during Trooping the Colour and Service of Thanksgiving. She is said to have noted that “there was hardly a glimpse” of him, although he could not “have felt very happy.”

As reported, Seward continued that Prince Harry looked “ill at ease” at both of these events last week. She added that he “should have put on a happy face,” similar to what Meghan Marke did “for the sake of loyalty” to Queen Elizabeth II.

The expert is said to have suggested, as well, that the royal-born Prince’s “uneasy” look was “proven by the speed” of his family’s exit from the United Kingdom during the historic celebrations. As it happened, the Sussexes left hours before the Platinum Jubilee pageant concluded.

Seward reportedly claimed, as well, that Queen Elizabeth II wanted her “family around her.” This is despite all the things that have happened in the past.

In the end, the commentator is quoted saying, “In the Bible, Jubilee means restoration, and as a woman of deep Christian faith, that is what the [British Monarch] wanted.”

While Ingrid Seward seemingly criticized Prince Harry for looking “ill at ease,” she was said to have commended him and Meghan Markle for “keeping their promise.”

The expert told The Sun that the former working royals “had agreed not to steal the spotlight” from the Queen during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Despite their high-profile statuses, she believes that the pair did manage to keep a low profile, according to Geo News.

Meanwhile, a body language expert believes that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle appeared “nervous” during an appearance at one of the events at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

A separate report from Express UK released the details of the analyses, which were made by Jesus Enrique Rosas, also known as the “Body Language Guy” on YouTube.

He reportedly shared that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did some “gestures” at the Service of Thanksgiving to “calm” themselves. While the royal-born Prince was said to have touched his wedding ring, his wife was claimed to have fixed her collar a couple of times.

In the reported analysis video, the expert explained that doing such gestures are a way “to vent stress,” adding that people do it because they work. However, he pointed out that these also tell the world that they are “nervous.”