Josh Duggar has just been sentenced to 12 years and seven months in prison. And he’s allegedly worried that his marriage to Anna Duggar would also end during this time.

In Touch Weekly alleged that Anna is contemplating whether she should file for divorce from Josh after he was convicted of receipt of child pornography.

The tabloid’s source claimed that Anna stood by her husband’s side for 14 years because of her faith, but things could change after Josh was found guilty.

“She stood by him for 14 years because of her faith and her belief in redemption. But he’s completely failed her and turned her life and her children’s lives upside down over and over again,” the source said.

The source said that Anna was hoping that her husband’s name would be cleared. And this is why she decided to stay with him even after authorities found child sex abuse materials on his computer. But now that Josh is going to prison, Anna would be left figuring out how to take care of their children.

“Now that he’s going to prison, those close to her are urging Anna to divorce him. Some believe she’s seriously considering it,” the source said.

On her Instagram account, Josh’s cousin Amy publicly encouraged Anna to divorce her husband. She said that there’s no shame in divorcing Josh because it wasn’t her fault that he did her and their children wrong.

Amy also said that no one would crucify Anna if she decides to file for divorce from Josh. In fact, even Josh’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle will continue to support her even if they do not necessarily believe in divorce.

“And her own family, the Kellers, would happily welcome her back with open arms. Her brother David was by her side at the sentencing. Anna has siblings who are divorced, and they haven’t been shunned in any way,” the source said.

Anna is allegedly struggling to explain to her children why their dad has to serve his time in prison. And she’s also worried about them because she doesn’t know how they’ll take it if their parents' divorce.

But at the end of the day, Anna’s family and friends are urging her to prioritize herself once and for all because she has been focused on her husband over the past decade.