Jennifer Aniston is one of today’s highly sought-after actresses in Hollywood. This in part explains how she has amassed hundreds of millions.

Celebrity Net Worth estimates that the 53-year-old actress is worth $320 million. It also assumes that she earns about $20 million per year from her acting gigs and endorsement deals.

The same publication also claims that Aniston has become one of the “highest-paid actresses in the world” over the years. She always makes it to the list, adding that she even once topped the charts in the early 2000s.

Jennifer Aniston has several income streams apart from her acting career. But, her role as Rachel Green on the hit sitcom “Friends” seemingly paved the way for her to become one of today’s wealthiest Hollywood actresses.

Reports claimed that the “Wanderlust” star began earning $22,500 per episode of the show during its pilot season. With each new installment, the figure dramatically progressed, even reaching over $1 million per episode.

Overall, it is estimated that Aniston, alongside the rest of the main cast of “Friends,” earned over $90 million in base salary. This does not include the bonuses and royalties, which remain ongoing today.

“Friends” may have ended its course in 2004. But, the show’s popularity has not slowed down at all, according to Insider. As reported, the sitcom continues to generate over $1 billion per year in streaming deals and syndication royalties.

Jennifer Aniston and the rest of her co-stars’ contracts allow them to take home some tens of millions from these streams. Reportedly, each celebrity takes home $20 million per year in syndication rights alone.

The cast of “Friends” was also said to have earned additional millions when Netflix acquired the rights to the show in 2015. The streaming giant reportedly closed another multi-million deal to keep the show on its platform a few years later, leading the actors to take home portions of it.

Aside from the profits from “Friends,” Jennifer Aniston also earns millions from her movies and films. Some of the projects include “Marley & Me,” “We Are The Millers,” “Horrible Bosses,” and “Bounty Hunter.”

The Richest added that the “Morning Show” star has numerous endorsement deals, as well. Some of her most lucrative partnerships are said to be with Emirates Airline, Smartwater, and Aveeno.

There is Aniston’s very own production company, too, under her belt. She launched Echo Films in 2008, although it reportedly remains undisclosed how much she earns from each production.