Amal Clooney is allegedly disgusted with how her husband, George Clooney looks.

In its June 13 issue, National Enquirer claimed that George gained a considerable amount of weight in recent months. And the actor now has a protruding belly that he could no longer hide under his clothes.

A source claimed that Amal immediately called George out after seeing that he now looks like a potbellied pig.

“George has really let himself go lately, plus he’s making poor diet choices and shrugging his shoulders like it’s no big deal. His attitude is that at his stage of life he deserves a break, but it still gets him down looking in the mirror and seeing all the lumps and jiggly bits on his torso, which used to be toned like a Greek god,” the source said.

The source claimed that George stopped going to the gym. And he has also been gorging on gluttonous goodies while directing The Boys in the Boat. So, the next thing he knew he already packed on a couple of pounds.

“It’s frustrating for Amal, who wants the same excitement and spark between them when he takes his shirt off. She’s keeping her side of the bargain and looking better than ever, so George embracing his flabby mad bod is not cool,” the source said.

But George wants nothing more than for his wife to be supportive. After all, he’s been under a lot of stress in recent weeks. However, the actor also knows that he needs to do something if he wants Amal to still be hooked on him.

“The marriage is okay right now, but George could make it more passionate if he got his hands out of the bread bin,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

There’s no proof that George gained a considerable amount of weight recently. And even if he did, it’s unlikely for Amal to crucify him for it.

And it also seems absurd for the couple’s marriage to be at risk because George gained a few pounds.

The couple has been together for quite some time and it’s unlikely for their relationship to be based solely on each other’s physical appearance.

By the looks of it, the tabloid made up this story to make it seem as though there’s a problem in the Clooney household even when there’s none.