Taylor Swift remains one of the highly successful musicians today. With her apparent fame and success, this seemingly causes some people to wonder whether she is already a billionaire.

As it happens, the “Lover” singer has yet to reach the “three-comma” status as she is not a billionaire as of 2022. Despite this, though, she continues to amass staggering wealth over the years.

Celebrity Net Worth estimates that she is worth about $400 million. It also notes that she potentially earns over $150 million per year.

Swift may not be a billionaire, but she has already broken several records in the world of finance. Reports noted that she is one of the wealthiest artists today and one of the highest-paid entertainers in 2022.

She even became the only woman in the top ten list of the highest-paid musicians in 2021.

In late 2015, Express UK said that Taylor Swift made $1 million every single day. This reportedly led Forbes to speculate that she might hit the “full-blown billionaire status” before reaching her 30th birthday.

The “Blank Space” singer turned 30 in 2019. But, despite not being able to amass a billion dollar net worth, she remains highly flourishing in the last few years.

The same publication consequently reported that Swift’s financial success outside the music scene is “largely credited” to her parents. As noted, the singer’s father is a wealth management adviser, while her mother is a former mutual fund executive.

Taylor Swift has grown her wealth over the years through her music, especially touring. Insider previously stated that it is the 32-year-old musician’s “biggest money maker.”

The “All Too Well” singer’s Reputation tour alone allowed her to earn more than $250 million. It even broke records as it ended up becoming the “highest grossing tour” of all time in U.S. history.

Alongside these streams, Swift also has her endorsement deals and brand partnerships. Some of the high-profile labels on her list include Apple, Diet Coke, Keds, and CoverGirl.

As to how Taylor Swift spends her fortune, reports said that she invests them in real estate. It is said that she has a “quite impressive” portfolio, which she began managing at the age of 20.

To date, the “Evermore” artist owns about $90 million worth of properties across the United States. The first purchase she made was around 2009 to 2010 in Nashville.

Swift has continued to expand her portfolio by making several more real estate purchases over the years. She now has numerous properties in Rhode Island, New York City, and Los Angeles.