Kate Middleton has allegedly been in secret meetings with Queen Elizabeth.

In its June 6 issue, Life & Style claimed that Her Majesty is preparing Middleton for her future role as queen consort.

A source claimed that the monarch knows that she doesn’t have long to live. So, while she still can, she’s doing everything to make sure that Middleton will be the perfect queen consort when the time comes.

But as early as now, Prince William’s wife is already showing signs that she will be great in her future role.

“Kate and the queen share a deep bond that few know about. People don’t realize it but Kate works 50 hours a week because, these days, she has so much responsibility. Kate still always finds time to see the queen, though. She’s even been making trips to Windsor Castle for secret meetings,” the source said.

Middleton allegedly brings fruit baskets that she picked from the organic garden at Kensington Palace every time she would visit the queen.

According to the source, the queen and Middleton also get to enjoy doing normal things together. But they only do these activities once they’ve completed their official discussions about their royal duties.

“They do normal things together like watching TV – David Attenborough documentaries on Netflix or The Great British Bake Off, which is one of the queen’s favorites, sometimes even the odd rom-com. If it’s the weekend, Kate will bring the kids along, too,” the source said.

On top of this, Her Majesty has also become Middleton’s sounding board.

“The queen often answers questions and gives Kate advice over afternoon tea and sandwiches. Being in the public eye gave Kate crippling anxiety during her early years as a royal to the point her hands would be shaking before getting on stage to speak,” the source said.

Luckily for the Duchess of Cambridge, she has the queen’s support. And it seems Her Majesty will continue to be by her side until her last breath.

Even though it’s true that the queen has been helping and guiding Middleton, it seems that she has more responsibility for training Prince William. After all, he’s the future king of the British monarchy.

And even though it’s possible for the queen and Middleton to have one-on-one discussions, it’s not true that they are purposely doing these in secret just like what the tabloid claimed.