There are allegedly a ton of mysteries surrounding the untimely death of singer Naomi Judd.

In its June 6 issue, Globe claimed that the coroner’s office is trying to keep some information hidden because they are still conducting investigations.

However, fans are already wondering why the location of Judd’s grave is being kept a secret. Additionally, there are also some suspicious details surrounding her death.

The source said that the veteran actress put a gun in her mouth and pulled the trigger causing her brain to blow out. This is allegedly the reason why she had a close casket memorial service.

“Naomi Judd’s death has been completely covered up. There is talk the family will seek a court order to stop the autopsy from ever being made public. What do they have to hide?” the source said.

The insider also claimed that cops and the local medical examiner are accused of conspiring to keep some information regarding Judd’s death a secret.

And it hasn’t also helped that the Judds are quite private that’s why their neighbors don’t really know much about them.

“It would be easiest for the family and everyone if the authorities would just release their findings. Then Naomi and the whole matter could be finally laid to rest and at peace,” the source said.

However, authorities have been insisting that there’s nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to Judd’s death. And their process of investigating her suicide is the same that they do for non-celebrities.

Meanwhile, Judd’s daughter, Ashley previously detailed her mom’s relationship with her guns in her memoir. She revealed that Judd once fired a gun at the man that she brought home.

She said that her mom always had a crazy streak and was honestly dangerous about guns. So, even though people saw her death as tragic it seemed inevitable for their family.

While it is true that not all information regarding Judd’s death has been released, it’s not true that there’s an ongoing cover-up.

The authorities previously claimed that some investigations take as long as 12 weeks before more information is released. And it seems this is what’s happening with Judd.

By the looks of it, the tabloid is just making it seem as though there’s a secret waiting to be exposed even when there’s none.