Tom Cruise allegedly has a crush on Lady Gaga that’s why he personally asked her to write a song for Top Gun: Maverick.

In its May 30 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Cruise has always been smitten with the singer. And his latest movie paved the way for them to finally work together.

A source claimed that shortly after the A-listers worked together, Cruise has been blowing up Gaga’s phone with sweet messages. The Mission: Impossible actor has also been surprising her with gifts and flowers, and he has also been asking Gaga to go out to dinner with him.

“Tom has always been a fan and personally reached out to Gaga to write the song. It’s no surprise he developed a huge crush on her after they worked together,” the source said.

Unfortunately for Cruise, Gaga isn’t allegedly interested in him in that regard. After all, she’s been in a relationship with Michael Polansky for a few years.

However, Gaga allegedly plans to keep enticing Cruise because she knows that he would be helpful in advancing her career.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

Cruise and Gaga working together doesn’t prove that the former has a crush on the latter. This wouldn’t also make sense since Cruise is aware that Gaga and Polansky are dating.

Still, this isn’t the first time that Gaga and Cruise were linked to each other.

Last week, Woman’s Day claimed that Cruise started flirting with Gaga after learning that Katie Holmes already has a new boyfriend.

The tabloid claimed that it took Cruise years to get over Holmes. And now that the Dawson’s Creek alum is in a relationship again, the actor is finally coming to terms with the fact that they could not get back together.

So, he allegedly has his sights set on Gaga because they worked together on Top Gun: Maverick.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

Regardless of how many times they insist on it, Cruise and Gaga are nothing more than friends.

And the fact that Cruise is single makes him susceptible to dating rooms. But it’s always best to rely on the more credible source when it comes to matters of the heart for these celebrities.