Are Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck already married?

This is the latest question some fans and followers likely have today. It all comes after rumors of a secret wedding between the two celebrities surfaced on Tuesday.

Cheat Sheet reported that the claims first emerged after a “blind item” post was made on Bravo And Cocktails. It is said to be referring to the engaged couple, adding that they allegedly tied the knot in secret in Georgia this past weekend.

The same post also reportedly stated that Affleck and Lopez “shut down the Ritz Carlton in Lake Oconee” for the supposed special day.

A few commenters, later on, shared some of their thoughts on the same platform regarding the rumor. 

One individual asserted that the celebrity pair “would be keeping the information secret” until J. Lo’s Netflix documentary, “Halftime,” drops on June 14. Another seemingly agreed, saying that the title will feature a “wedding photo” at the end of it.

Following the speculations, though, no confirmations have been made. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have not released any statement, making the latest claims speculative at best.

The publication did not provide any proof, as well, to substantiate the story. Accordingly, unless the celebrity couple breaks their silence and confirms it directly before the public, the wedding rumors will remain as such.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck met up in West Hollywood on Monday. Mail Online published photos of the moment, showing the two personalities greeting each other with kisses and hugs.

The outlet added that the sweet gestures of the “Marry Me” actress made the “Justice League” actor “flash a wide grin of appreciation in return.”

During the meet-up, Lopez reportedly appeared “sensational” with her bohemian olive dress, tan high-heel boots, and large fur purse. As for Affleck, he is said to have worn a casual “cool” look with his gray tee, black jeans, and brown suede boots.

The 49-year-old actor and the 52-year-old songstress have yet to reveal their plans with their wedding. It would not come as a surprise, considering that they appear to keep their romance far from the spotlight as much as possible.

Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez on April 2. The confirmations regarding their engagement only came, though, about a week after.

This marks the pair’s second engagement as they were about to tie the knot in the early 2000s. They, however, called off their wedding and eventually broke up.

Lopez and Affleck reportedly rekindled their romance earlier in 2021.