Tom Cruise allegedly reunited with his daughter, Suri Cruise.

In its May 30 issue, New Idea claimed that it took the father and daughter 10 years to finally reunite. But when they did, it seemed as though they were never apart.

A source alleged that the Mission: Impossible actor wants to make some drastic changes in his life. And this includes quitting Scientology. After all, he knows that doing so will bring him closer to his teenage daughter.

“Tom is seriously considering extricating himself from the Church of Scientology – of which he is its highest-profile member and reported to be its second-in-command – in a bid to reconnect with his youngest daughter, Suri. Tom turns 60 in July and as someone who has always been preoccupied with age, he’s assessing his life and everyone in it,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Tom has his ex-wife, Katie Holmes to thank because she encouraged him to quit Scientology years ago. However, the actor insisted on staying and he also wanted to raise Suri in the same church.

“Church beliefs dictate that those who defect should be cut, and so Tom and Suri have rarely seen each other since. As part of his pre-60th soul-searching, Tom’s realized he’s going to regret it big time if he doesn’t mend fences with Suri. No box-office takings or audiences with the Queen of England could make up for the lost experiences with Suri. He talks to her, but it’s just not the same as a close relationship,” the source said.

To make their claims more convincing, the tabloid even published a photo of Tom and Suri together. The only problem is that the father and daughter have not reunited since the actor and Holmes split.

And the photo of Suri that they used and edited was taken from one of her recent outings in New York.

If Tom and Suri reunited, this wouldn’t have been done publicly. But more reputable sources would most likely get first dibs on the story.

Unfortunately, the fact that no one has published a credible story about Tom and Suri reuniting proves that it hasn’t happened.

It’s not also true that the Top Gun actor plans to quit the Church of Scientology. As of writing, Tom is still the poster child for the controversial religion.