Kate Middleton allegedly collapsed inside her parents’ bathroom after learning that Prince William cheated on her.

According to Globe, the Duchess of Cambridge was in a frazzled state following her and Prince William’s trial separation. As such, she collapsed inside her parents’ bathroom.

The Duchess of Cambridge allegedly locked herself in the bathroom, and she was heard crying hysterically. After failing to go out of the bathroom after an hour, parents started looking for her.

When Michael and Carole Middleton opened the door, they allegedly saw Middleton crumbled in a heap. Carole managed to revive Middleton before Prince William and a doctor was called to the Berkshire home.

However, when Middleton saw Prince William, she began crying and screaming. And she decided to leave.

A source told the tabloid that Prince William’s infidelity has resulted in Middleton refusing to eat. As such, the future queen has grown frailer from barely eating and sleeping for weeks. The insider also claimed that Middleton has been picking at her food.

However, Gossip Cop has already debunked the claims. Middleton did not collapse from crying and weeping hysterically over Prince William’s cheating. After all, the Duke of Cambridge didn’t cheat on his wife with Rose Hanbury.

It is also untrue that Middleton hasn’t been eating or that she has been skipping her meals. The Duchess of Cambridge is perfectly healthy.

Last year, the Cambridges were rocked by the rumors that Prince William had an affair with Middleton’s good friend, Hanbury. Sources claimed that Middleton and Hanbury had a falling out at Prince William tried to meddle in their problems.

During this time, Prince William allegedly developed a close relationship with Hanbury. But until today, none of these claims have been proven to be correct.

Prince William and Middleton are still happily married. And the royal couple just celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary last month.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have also been blessed with three children together. Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. 

As of late, there are rumors that Prince William and Middleton are trying to get pregnant with baby number four. Bookmakers also revealed their odds for Middleton to make a pregnancy announcement this year.

The odds revealed that Middleton may make an important announcement before the year ends. However, she also said that Prince William no longer wants to have more kids.