Amber Heard is allegedly doing everything that she can to get Johnny Depp to look at her.

During the exes’ ongoing trial, Depp’s lawyer revealed why Depp has not looked at Heard even once while they are in court.

Camille Vasquez said that Depp previously vowed to never look Heard in the eye after she accused him of domestic violence.

But in its May 30 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Heard is doing everything that she can to get her ex-husband to look at her. And it has reached a point wherein she has started to copy Depp’s wardrobe.

“She continues to try to get him to look at her. One of the ways to get his attention is dressing like him or dressing the way he likes. It doesn’t seem like she’s done with the relationship,” a psychologist said.

However, the source made it clear that Depp no longer feels the same way about Heard. In fact, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor also seems disgusted with his ex-wife.

According to the source, Heard cried while on the stand a few times. And this is an indication that she’s still not completely over Depp.

“Everybody expresses trauma in different ways, but I didn’t see any tears when she was crying. I don’t know if she’s traumatized from the actual abuse or if she’s traumatized from losing the relationship and him not loving and engaging her in the way she wanted,” the psychologist said.

The tabloid published side-by-side photos of Depp and Heard to prove their claim that the latter has been copying the former’s wardrobe. And even though this claim seems plausible, there’s no proof that the Aquaman star has been doing this intentionally.

There’s also no proof that Heard still hasn’t gotten over her ex-husband. After all, it’s been six years since she filed for divorce from Depp.

And the actor’s lawyer has made it clear that Depp’s life had never been the same after Heard accused him of domestic violence.

During a recent cross-examination, Vasquez also slammed Heard for lying about making a donation after she received a generous sum from Depp.

Heard claimed that she planned to make a donation but has not finalized it. And the money that her chosen charities received was from her rumored ex-boyfriend, Elon Musk.