Jennifer Garner is allegedly engaged.

In its May 23 issue, Us Weekly claimed that Garner’s boyfriend, John Miller proposed to her the day after she celebrated her 50th birthday last month.

A source claimed that Garner didn’t expect that Miller would get down on one knee so she shed a tear while he proposed.

“John gave Jennifer a ring just after her 50th birthday celebration. It’s a beautiful, unique diamond. Friends always said John would marry Jen. He is totally smitten with her,” the source said.

However, Garner’s friends weren’t allegedly as thrilled with the proposal as the actress. After all, they are worried that the 13 Going on 30 star would be headed for more heartbreak.

“Jen has an extremely protective group of friends and family members who are keeping a watchful eye on the situation. They’re happy she’s found a nice guy who treats her well, but after the ups and downs she and John experienced a few years ago, there’s a strong sense of caution,” the source said.

The source also claimed that it took Garner years to move on from Affleck. In fact, some of her friends thought that she would never fall in love again because she was so hooked on her ex-husband.

“Jen’s been through a lot. The divorce from Ben was incredibly tough on her emotionally and made it very hard for her to open up. Friends would hate to see her get hurt,” the source said.

But the source also said that Miller has been nothing but wonderful. And he’s also been a steady person in Garner’s life, as well as in the lives of her children.

The CEO is also a true gentleman who allows Garner to shine without overshadowing her.

As such, there’s no reason for Garner’s friends to be worried about Miller because he’s been nothing but nice to the actress.

Still, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. After all, Garner and Miller are not engaged. If they are, more reputable sources would’ve already reported on their engagement.

By the looks of it, the tabloid just concocted this storyline because Affleck recently got engaged to Jennifer Lopez. And it would be interesting to see if Garner and Affleck, who are exes, are engaged to their respective partners at the same time.