Celine Dion recently announced the cancelation of her live performances.

During a recorded broadcast, a tearful Dion shared the heartbreaking news to her fans around the world.

In its May 23 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Dion’s decision to cancel her live performances again came as a shock to a lot of people.

It also allegedly resulted in her friends telling her that now may be the right time for her to retire. Unfortunately, Dion refuses to listen because she believes that she could bounce back from her health issues one day.

“Celine has suffered from this illness for a long time, and the fear is she will never be able to sing again. She’s been pushing herself for years and having such a rough time since her beloved husband, Rene, died,” the source said.

However, it is important to note that Dion’s husband passed away in 2016. So, it’s possible for the singer to be doing much better these days.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that she would return to the stage anytime soon.

“She’s hoping against hope she’ll be able to fight through the pain and be brave like Rene was. She’s telling everyone she’ll shake it off. But her loved ones worry she’s putting work before her well-being. At this point, retirement looks as though it’s for the best,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. As of late, there’s no indication that Dion is even thinking about retiring. But no one also knows if and when she’ll be able to perform for her fans again.

Sources close to the singer revealed that she has been suffering from extreme muscle spasms. But multiple tabloids are convinced that something more serious could be happening to Dion.

Last month, National Enquirer also alleged that Dion is too thin and fragile to sing. After all, the singer only weighs 87 pounds.

“Celine is so frail. She has difficulty walking, let alone even thinking about performing. People are terrified. She can’t seem to gain weight or even want to try,” the source said.

However, Dion’s weight has not impacted her singing abilities. If it did then the singer wouldn’t have been able to perform for years. Dion has always been on the slim side so this isn’t a cause for alarm.