Ashley Judd talked about the passing of her mother, Naomi Judd, for the first time in an interview. She revealed the cause of death, as well as the underlying reason.

Speaking on “Good Morning America,” the 54-year-old actress told Diane Sawyer that the country singer “died by suicide” on April 30. She noted that her mother “used a weapon,” “a firearm,” according to People.

Judd explained that she was sharing the matter because they did not want it “to be part of the gossip economy.” Although she revealed that they are “very uncomfortable” sharing the information before the public, she emphasized that they are “in a position that if [they] do not say it, someone else is going to” do it.

In the same interview, Ashley Judd recalled the moment she “discovered” Naomi Judd. She stated that the final day of her mother’s life was “a mixed day.”

The “Double Jeopardy” actress continued that when she is home in Tennessee, she visits her “mom and pop [Larry Strickland] every day.” On that day, she shared that Naomi asked her to stay with her, to which she responded, “of course I will.”

Judd said she “went upstairs to let her know that her good friend was there” and she “discovered her.” She consequently revealed that she has “both grief and trauma” from it.

Elsewhere in the engagement, Ashley Judd hopes that sharing the truth about Naomi Judd’s passing will help others, as well, according to the New York Post. This is especially for those who are suffering from mental illness, urging them to seek help.

The “Divergent” actress noted that in discussing mental illness, “it is very important to be clear” and “make the distinction between our loved one and the disease.” She added that “it is very real, and it lies, it is savage.”

Judd, later on, shared that Naomi “could not hang on until she was inducted into the Hall of Fame by her peers.” Fans would recall that the induction took place a day after the country singer’s passing.

The “High Crimes” star consequently stated it was “the level of catastrophe of what was going on inside” of her mother. She also explained that the “barrier between the regard in which they held her could not penetrate into her heart,” adding that the “lie the disease told her was so convincing.”

Ashley Judd and Wynonna Judd announced the death of Naomi Judd on April 30. In a statement given to The Associated Press, the two celebrities said that they “experienced a tragedy” on that day as sisters.

The siblings also confirmed that they lost their “beautiful mother to the disease of mental illness.”

Later in the official statement, it shared that they are “shattered” and “navigating profound grief.” Moreover, they are “in unknown territory.”