Miley Cyrus is allegedly upset with Cody Simpson because all he does is talk about their failed relationship.

In its May 16 issue, OK! magazine claimed that Cyrus and Simpson agreed to keep the details of their relationship private after they split. As such, the “Wrecking Ball” singer was shocked when Simpson shared intimate details during his radio interview.

“It’s obvious to Miley that he’s just trying to get attention. It’s not so much what Cody says that bothers her, but the fact that it’s been two years, and he’s still finding ways to talk about her,” the source said.

The source claimed that before Cyrus and Simpson got together, those close to the former already warned her that Simpson was all about fame.

“Now, this is making her wonder if he was just using her the whole time. Miley has very much moved on, and she wishes Cody would too. She’s been respectful and hasn’t called him out for trying to get clout from her, but she’s had enough,” the source said.

However, it is possible that Cyrus hasn’t called Simpson out following his recent revelations about their failed relationship but it didn’t really affect her. The tabloid may have just been making up this story to make it seem as though there’s tension between the exes.

As of late, Cyrus is already dating her boyfriend, Maxx Morando. So, she couldn’t care less about Simpson or even her other ex, Liam Hemsworth.

But Cyrus’ new relationship has also been at the center of speculations and rumors.

Last week, National Enquirer claimed that Cyrus’ mom, Tish Cyrus doesn’t support her and Morando’s relationship.

“Tish was tired of hearing Billy’s complaints about not being a star anymore, and she doesn’t want to deal with another musician using Miley to make a name for himself. Maxx is a hungry young artist looking for any breaks he can get. No one has said he’s using Miley. But years of Billy Ray complaining Miley could have done more to resurrect his career have left Tish feeling a little suspicious,” a source said.

However, these claims haven’t been proven either. Tish has always been supportive of her daughter’s relationships. And there’s no indication that she dislikes Morando or that the latter reminds her of her future ex-husband, Billy Ray Cyrus.