Prince Louis recently celebrated his 4th birthday.

In its May 16 issue, Star claimed to know some key details from Prince Louis’s birthday celebration.

A source also claimed that Prince Louis had a blast hanging out with his siblings on his special day. But he spent more time with Princess Charlotte than Prince George because he’s closer to his sister than his brother.

“They played chase, tennis, and croquet. There were buckets of ice cream. Princess Charlotte absolutely adores Prince Louis and they’re cheeky together. He gets on with George too – he’s very laid back,” the source said.

Prince Louis also got to enjoy some extra time with his parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton on his birthday. And he especially loved spending time with the latter because he’s a real mama’s boy.

On the day of his birthday, Prince Louis stayed at home with his entire family. But days earlier, the 4-year-old played with his friends at the party that Middleton organized for him.

“Louis loves the outdoors and is so active and bright. Unlike a lot of kids, he finds watching TV boring. Kate organized a small party for him and some of his little school friends the week before. It was held on the grounds of Kensington Palace in London,” the source said.

Other than his recent birthday celebration, Prince Louis also made headlines amid claims that he will be transferring to Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s school in the coming months.

As of writing, Prince Louis is enrolled at Willock’s Nursery School, which Princess Charlotte also attended when she was much younger.

The 7-year-old later transferred to Thomas’s Battersea, where Prince George is also enrolled.

However, multiple sources are claiming that Prince George and Princess Charlotte would leave Thomas’s Battersea at the end of the current school year. After all, the Cambridge family has plans to move to Windsor.

If their plans push through, it would no longer be practical for Prince William and Middleton to send their children to Thomas’s Battersea because it would be too far for them.

Instead, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are allegedly looking at schools in Windsor where they can send all their children.

There are also rumors claiming that Prince George would be enrolled at a boarding school. Now that he’s 9 years old, Prince William and Middleton allegedly feel it’s time for him to attend such an institution.