Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were one of Hollywood’s biggest fashion icons.

During their marriage, the couple rocked an out-of-this-world ensemble that got everyone talking.

But in its May 16 issue, Closer UK claimed that Kardashian struggled during this time.

A source said that Kardashian is grateful to West for designing some of her clothes and helping her look her best. But there were also times wherein she felt that she couldn’t express herself.

“Kim constantly felt like she’s Kanye’s ‘project,’ and while she enjoyed many parts of that such as how he helped turn her into a fashion icon, it also became exhausting and made her feel like she couldn’t be her true self. While she knew he did it out of love, it got to the point where she felt like she was constantly being picked apart, and being Kanye’s muse became a job in itself,” the source said.

Now that Kardashian is dating Pete Davidson, she couldn’t help but feel that she has more freedom to express herself. The Saturday Night Live star also helps Kardashian feel beautiful without treating her as though she’s his puppet.

“Being with Pete has given her a newfound sense of freedom and restored her sense of self – insisting she finally feels she can let her guard down when she’s with him and just be Kim again, which has been incredibly liberating,” the source said.

Since Kardashian feels like she’s her best self with Davidson, she couldn’t allegedly help but think of taking the next step in their relationship.

The Kardashians star allegedly wants to ask Davidson if he wants to move in with her and her four children in Los Angeles.

According to the source, Davidson moving into Kardashian’s home would hurt West to the core. But Kardashian doesn’t want to stop herself from falling even more head over heels with her boyfriend.

After they move in together, Davidson and Kardashian would allegedly start planning their wedding. And eventually, they will consider having a child of their own via a surrogate.

However, none of these things have been finalized. And it’s also unclear if Kardashian and Davidson are indeed ready to take the next step in their relationship. What’s only known is that they are madly in love with each other and are hopeful that their relationship is for keeps.