Tom Cruise and Lady Gaga are allegedly flirting with each other.

In its May 16 issue, Woman’s Day suggested that the close bond between Cruise and Gaga didn’t come as a surprise to fans. After all, the A-listers recently worked together.

However, a source also claimed that it’s highly likely for Gaga’s boyfriend to be upset with her special bond with Cruise. After all, the co-stars seem to be flirting with each other all the time.

The timing of the rumors also seems a bit suspicious. After all, it was just announced that Cruise’s ex-wife, Katie Holmes has found a new man.

Months after her split from Emilio Vitolo, Holmes was photographed kissing 33-year-old musician, Bobby Wooten III.

The couple already has the support of Holmes’ family and friends because they all believe that Wooten III is a wonderful person.

“He’s an amazing guy – very kind, super-talented, and just an all-around cool guy,” the source said.

Unlike Holmes’ recent ex Vitolo, fans couldn’t accuse Wooten III of using Holmes for fame. After all, he’s also been part of the industry for years. In fact, he has already worked with some of the biggest names in the industry including Jennifer Lopez, Machine Gun Kelly, and Carly Rae Jepsen.

According to the source, even Holmes’ daughter, Suri Cruise is on board with her dating Wooten III. Now that Suri is 16 years old, she doesn’t need supervision from her mom.

The teenager has also grown up to become a responsible young lady that’s why Holmes isn’t worried about her.

Last week, one tabloid claimed that Suri’s planned reunion with her dad has been postponed indefinitely. Throughout the years, there have been speculations that the father and daughter would finally get to reunite. But all of these stopped during the pandemic.

Unfortunately, even though things are starting to get normal in the United States, Suri still couldn’t reunite with her dad because of his busy schedule.

Tom has been spending most of his time in London because he was filming the latest Top Gun movie.

The actor is also expected to make an appearance at Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee as one of the correspondents.

It’s unclear if Cruise would ever reunite with his daughter in the coming years. But more reputable sources confirmed that their relationship has been strained since Cruise and Holmes divorced.