Chrissy Teigen shut down the speculations about her slimmed-down frame in a recent Instagram post. This comes after a netizen seemingly implied that she “constantly” does liposuction to achieve her appearance.

Page Six released a report on the matter, detailing the exchange between the 36-year-old model and the commenter. When a fan said they are “more interested in the legs” as the photo highlights them, another netizen stated, “constant liposuction, trainers, and good diet.. as she should.”

Teigen took the time to respond to the netizen. She replied, “‘constant liposuction’ what are you even talking about.”

The Craving founder made the post on Instagram on Sunday. It features her in “Daisy Dukes" that complemented her long and slender legs.

Chrissy Teigen captioned the post with, “the shorts are ‘area’ okay” and tagged the brand of the piece, Area. It has since amassed more than 50,000 likes and over 300 comments, which are generally positive as many individuals praise and adore her.

Reports, later on, revealed that the pair of denim shorts she was wearing, Area’s Feather Trim Denim Hot Shorts, which costs $595, were sold out.

Meanwhile, Chrissy Teigen does not shy away from discussing her cosmetic procedures over the years. She has always been “candid” about the matter, according to She Knows.

The most recent procedure she underwent was her eyebrow transplant. She shared the details of the process before the actual surgery on Instagram in November 2021.

Earlier last year, Teigen also had a cheek fat removal procedure that reportedly removes “buccal fat pads in cheeks.” She talked about what happened and revealed her reaction toward the results.

The publication noted that the model and mother of two had Dr. Jason Diamond to do both procedures. She was the one who shared the details when she made her social media posts last year.

Some of the other cosmetic procedures she had include armpit fat removal, which she discussed in a 2017 interview, breast implants, and removal of thereof. The implant removal took place in 2020, and she also made an announcement about it on social media.

Chrissy Teigen reportedly appeared to have a great Mother’s Day weekend despite the recent comment on Instagram. As stated, John Legend paid a sweet tribute to his wife on the special day, taking his message to social media.

In the post, the “All Of Me” singer called the model his “love,” “partner,” and “the best mommy” of their children. He also noted that they are “so grateful” for her, adding that she makes their lives “better,” “full of love, joy, and adventure.”