Camilla Parker Bowles has proven herself to be an asset to the British Royal Family. But, a royal expert has warned that Americans would not likely “warm” with her if Prince Harry attacked her in his upcoming tell-all book.

The assertions recently came from Lee Cohen, who spoke to Express UK about the matter. He believes that individuals from the United States would “side” with the Duke of Sussex as they appear to be “seduced by the memory of the beautiful and glamorous Princess Diana.”

The expert claimed that Americans “have a great deal of sympathy” for the late royal. He added that this is despite having no “basis in reality or understanding royalty.”

In the end, Cohen emphasized that if the youngest Wales prince decided to launch a “frontal attack” on the Duchess of Cornwall, “Americans are not likely to warm to her.”

The book in question is said to be a tell-all memoir of Prince Harry. When news broke that he will be releasing the material, he shared in an official statement that he would provide a firsthand “accurate and wholly truthful” account of his life.

The royal-born Prince also pointed out that he was writing the book “not as the prince” he was born but “as the man [he] has become.”

Since the confirmation of the tell-all memoir, speculations have continued to develop across media platforms. Reports said that many seemingly believe Prince Harry will be critical of the British Royal Family, especially Camilla Parker Bowles.

Earlier in April, Tina Brown, who recently released her latest book about the royals, “The Palace Papers,” spoke with The Sun and shared some assertions regarding the royal-born Prince’s upcoming tell-all. She believes that the former working royal will not go after Queen Elizabeth II as she is a “sacrosanct,” according to The International News.

The royal author continued that the Duke of Sussex will not likely go after Kate Middleton, as well, because he is “very fond” of her sister-in-law.

However, she thinks the case is different for Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. She also included Prince William on the list, adding that the upcoming tell-all material “may be even worse” than the Oprah interview.

As this dynamic goes, though, “Finding Freedom” co-author Omid Scobie previously revealed that Prince Harry has no plans to rip the British Royal Family, especially Queen Elizabeth II.

Page Six reported that the royal author spoke about the matter during an interview with “Royally Obsessed” podcast for its March 10 episode.

Scobie stated that the Duke of Sussex is “going out of his way to make sure that there [is no] material in there that can be seen as negative towards the Queen or her reign in any way whatsoever.”