Fans of Taylor Swift continue to speculate which of her albums will drop next in its new iteration, “Taylor’s Version.” The discussions began to surface across media platforms after she officially dropped her own version of “This Love” on Thursday.

Cheat Sheet reported that Swifties are now trying to decode the clues to identify which of the three remaining albums will come next. As noted, the artist has already released the new versions of “Fearless” and “Red” in April and November 2021, respectively.

On Reddit, avid followers of Swift are reportedly inclining toward “1989” and “Speak Now.” One of the reasons behind this is that the songstress's official store recently announced the arrival of her merchandise for both albums.

Other netizens argue, however, that Taylor Swift will likely release “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” next because “This Love” is a track from the said album.

The new version of “This Love” was initially dropped on May 4 as part of the trailer for “The Summer I Turned Pretty. It is an upcoming material on Amazon Prime Video Series, and will premiere on June 17.

Following the release of the official trailer, Swift shared the clip on her Instagram and thanked the production for debuting her own version of the track. She, then, announced to her fans and followers that the “Taylor’s Version” of the said song would officially come out later that midnight.

Upon dropping the new iteration of the song, alongside its official lyric video, the artist made another post on Instagram, sharing that she was “reliving the ‘1989’ tour in [her] head and spiraling.”

Taylor Swift is re-recording five of her albums to gain the sole ownership of her works. As reported, her former record label sold her back catalog in an alleged $300 million deal.

The 32-year-old celebrity previously stated that she is doing it to allow her music to “live on,” according to Capital FM

The five albums that would have a new version, which she refers to as the “Taylor’s Version,” are “Taylor Swift” from 2006, “Fearless” from 2008, “Speak Now” from 2010, “Red” from 2012, and “1989” from 2014. She has already covered her albums from 2008 and 2012 back in 2021.

Meanwhile, no news of re-recording efforts for “Reputation” has been announced yet. But, reports explained that this is likely due to a common clause in contracts that prohibits a re-recording of a title until a certain period of time.

As for Taylor Swift, she has yet to make any confirmations regarding her plans. This is not surprising, though, considering that she has been always known for her “Easter eggs,” which give fans some clues and hints about her music productions.