Will Smith allegedly traveled to India to have a spiritual cleanse.

National Enquirer published photos of the actor during his recent trip to Mumbai in its latest issue.

A source claimed that Smith hung out with spiritual leaders during his trip and he also visited temples and other places.

“He visited a temple and performed a pooja – a ceremonial worship service – at a Hare Krishna Hindu temple and even made his way to the Taj Mahal. Cameras followed him everywhere to document his spiritual journey,” the source said.

Prior to the trip, those close to Smith were allegedly worried that he could lose his career before the incident that took place at the Oscars. Weeks ago, the Aladdin actor slapped Chris Rock during the latter’s monologue.

So, a trip to India was allegedly what Smith needed. And the fact that his entire family joined him there proved that he still has a strong support system.

“Will knows that what he did was inexcusable. But he’s hoping his efforts to achieve nirvana will change attitudes about him. Will knows he may never come back home again so this is his chance to build momentum abroad,” the source said.

However, the details of Smith’s recent trip to India are still being kept under wraps. So, no one knows for sure what he did there and whether he really had a spiritual cleanse.

The tabloid is just speculating on the possibility after the actor shared some photos of himself with religious leaders while he was praying in the temple.

Meanwhile, Smith has been at the center of other rumors for weeks.

Earlier this month, Us Weekly claimed that the actor has been fighting nonstop with his wife. And a source also said that the family’s trip to India almost didn’t push through because of all the quarreling.

But at the end of the day, Jada Pinkett-Smith insisted that the trip should push through because they have planned it a long time ago.

Will has taken the family on a vacation that was already planned. There had been talks of canceling, but Jada insisted they go. Things have been strained between them. They’ve been fighting nonstop about how to move forward from all this, and it’s making life at home pretty hellish. They aren’t in a good place,” the source said.