Jennifer Garner allegedly has some concerns about how Jennifer Lopez would co-parent her three children.

In its May 16 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Garner and Lopez have very different parenting styles. But Garner has no choice but to allow Lopez to co-parent her kids because the Marry Me star will soon wed Affleck.

As such, a source claimed that Garner called Lopez for a meeting so that they could discuss their parenting tactics.

“Jennifer Garner called the meeting so she and J.Lo could get to know each other better and put aside any mistrust they have for each other. They each have completely different parenting styles and personalities. Garner wants to figure out the best way to co-parent their kids,” the source said.

The source also claimed that even though Garner and Lopez are both A-listers, they raised their respective children very differently. Lopez’s twins with ex-husband Marc Anthony are used to traveling everywhere and making public appearances.

Garner and Affleck’s three kids, on the other hand, are raised as private individuals who rarely make public appearances.

“J.Lo’s twins are used to a jet-set lifestyle, traveling around the globe with their superstar mom, while Jen is more of a traditional stay-at-home mother, despite her successful film career. Jen wants to make sure her kids continue to experience a grounded lifestyle when they are together with their dad and his new bride. She wants them to continue to play sports and stay committed to school and church,” the source said.

Even though Garner and Lopez have not gotten into a public or private spat, the source said that they remain wary of each other. After all, Lopez never really got over the fact that Affleck got into a relationship with Garner shortly after they called off their engagement.

Garner, on the other hand, couldn’t help but feel insecure after learning that Affleck and Lopez got back together. After all, their reunion made her feel as though Affleck just dated her because he couldn’t be with Lopez.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

As of late, there’s no indication that Garner and Lopez had a meeting on how to co-parent their children. And it’s not also true that the A-listers have ill feelings toward each other because there’s no indication that they regularly cross paths.