Amber Heard took the stand on Wednesday, a day after Johnny Depp’s attorneys rested their case. She began her testimony by saying she “struggles to find the words to describe how painful this is.”

CNN noted that the “Fantastic Beasts” alum is suing his former wife for $50 million following the 2018 op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post. The “Aquaman” actress described herself as a “public figure representing domestic abuse” in the piece.

After sharing how she and Depp fell in love after filming “The Rum Diary" at the court, she recalled the first time her ex-husband allegedly hit her. She noted that she “will never forget it,” adding that the incident “changed [her] life.”

Amber Heard claimed that she believed Johnny Depp was doing cocaine at the time as there was a “vintage jar of cocaine” nearby. She shared that she asked him about his “Wino” tattoo, and laughed after he told her it said, “Wino.”

The “Paranoia” actress said Depp “slapped [her] across the face.” However, she laughed because she “did not know what else to do,” thinking it was a joke.

Heard added that the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star hit her twice more.

The publication noted that it was unclear when exactly the alleged incident took place. But, BBC reported that the actress claims Depp struck her for the first time in 2012.

The ”London Fields” star, also, went on to detail an incident in 2013, where she says Johnny Depp forced a “cavity search” on her. She testified that she and her former husband were with friends earlier, doing drugs at a party.

Amber Heard claimed that the “Rum Diary” actor accused her of hiding his cocaine, leading him to allegedly ripped off her dress and underwear. She stated that Depp told her, “we’re going to conduct a cavity search shall we?” and added, “like, just shoved his fingers inside me.”

Johnny Depp previously denied all allegations against him, as per reports.

Following Amber Heard’s testimony, netizens reportedly had a lot to say about the matter. OK! magazine said that social media platforms, especially Twitter, “exploded” on Wednesday as many individuals had taken their thoughts to the media sites.

It is said that some hashtags began trending during the actress’s testimony. These include “Justice For Johnny Depp” and “Amber Heard Is A Liar.”

Several netizens seemingly criticized and slammed Heard as they accused her of “putting on an act.” Some even reportedly believed that her tears were fake.

While the support for Depp continues to overflow, the outlet shared that there were some people who backed Heard, as well. These individuals are said to have even used the hashtag, “I Stand With Amber Heard.”