Chris Rock reportedly made a joke about Will Smith and the infamous slap incident at the Oscars on Tuesday. As stated, it was after the shocking onstage attack toward Dave Chappelle when he was wrapping his performance up.

People said it all took place during the “Netflix Is A Joke Festival” at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. At the near end of Chappelle’s set, a man in a black hoodie rushed the stage and knocked him to the ground.

Rock, who had performed earlier that night, is said to have sprung into action to help the “Half-Baked” actor. Amid doing so, he reportedly quipped, “I thought that was Will Smith.”

Fans would recall that the “Aladdin” star slapped the “Saturday Night Live” alum onstage at this year’s Oscars. It was after the comedian told a “G.I. Jane” joke in relation to Jada Pinkett Smith’s bald head.

After slapping Chris Rock, Will Smith yelled obscenities at him, urging him to keep the “Gotham” actress’s name out of his mouth. Seemingly shocked by the incident, he moved on to present an award.

Later that night, Smith won the Best Actor gong for his “King Richard” role. Although he apologized to the Academy, as well as the audience and fellow nominees, he did not include Chris Rock in his acceptance speech.

The “Grown Ups” star has since maintained his silence regarding the infamous incident. This is even despite receiving a public apology from the “I Am Legend” actor, who admitted to having an “unacceptable and inexcusable behavior," a day after.

Last week, Page Six reported that Chris Rock had become a “pro at avoiding” anything about the infamous slap incident. Aside from not breaking his silence regarding the matter, he had utilized headphones around the neighborhood, “hoping it dissuades the public” from discussing “The Slap.”

The comedian has, also, allegedly repeatedly dodged the subject on stage performances amid his tour. Sources added that he even previously told audience to “lower [their] expectation” as he would not address the matter.

Meanwhile, with regard to Dave Chappelle’s onstage attackCNN stated the suspect is now in custody. In an official statement, LAPD spokesperson Officer Lizeth Lomeli shared that the audience member, who is 23, was “arrested for assault with a deadly weapon,” noting, however, that the victim “was not injured.”

The officer continued that the weapon was a “knife blade.” But, the motive of the crime remains unclear.

It is, also, still unknown whether Chappelle filed an official police report.