Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship reportedly remains strained.

In its May 9 issue, Closer UK claimed that Prince William isn’t impressed by his younger brother’s antics. So, while some royal fans praised the Duke of Sussex for visiting Queen Elizabeth weeks ago, Prince William believes that this was all just part of an act.

A source also claimed that the last thing that Prince William wants is for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to just waltz back into the royal family like they never left. After all, he believes that their actions have some consequences, and their decision to quit The Firm needs to be permanent.

“As far as William is concerned, he has no desire to play happy families with Harry and Meghan when it suits them. He has seen first-hand the chaos they have caused, which they are yet to publicly apologize for,” the source said.

Meanwhile, royal commentator Duncan Larcombe also weighed in and said that Prince William and Kate Middleton should let Prince Harry and Markle dig their own grave. After all, the Sussexes are once again being criticized after Prince Harry claimed that Queen Elizabeth needed more protection.

“William and Kate may as well sit back and watch Harry and Meghan metaphorically hang themselves with their own rope. They’ve kept a dignified silence and they’re focused on what their job is as working royals. They’ve risen above Harry and Meghan’s truth bombs and so far it’s paid off,” he said.

Larcombe also claimed that an insider told him that Prince William and Middleton were so tempted to accept an offer to release a tell-all following the Sussexes interview with Oprah Winfrey. But they ultimately decided not to push through with it.

The royal commentator believes that Queen Elizabeth had her hand following Prince Harry and Markle’s controversial interview. And she was the one that urged the Cambridges to just stay silent.

“It’s as if the queen had said, ‘If they want to throw mud at you, William, then let them, because if you retaliate, you’re just as bad as each other. Don’t sink to their level,” he said.

However, Larcombe's claims may not also be 100 percent accurate. After all, he made it seem as though the queen was upset with Prince Harry and Markle. But royal fans now know that this isn’t true. After all, the monarch just met up with them during their recent trip to Britain.