Kaley Cuoco is not holding back from speaking her truth. She recently opened up about her current journey in her career, relationship, and life, as well as her “trauma” and therapy.

Cheat Sheet reported that Glamour’s April 2022 issue featured the “Big Bang Theory” star. In the cover story, she utilized the space to share details about her life and reflections thereof.

Cuoco revealed about getting into therapy for the first time after her divorce from Karl Cook in 2021. As noted, it took a toll on her as she was “heavily involved,” as well, in filming the second season of “The Flight Attendant.”

She, also, recalled developing rashes from her lower stomach to her leg for seven months. She, later on, discovered that “it was completely emotional” through doctors and therapy.

The “Meet Cute” actress continued that she and her therapist are “working on forgiveness” and “forgiving [herself] for making mistakes.” She explained that it has been the “hardest thing,” especially accepting that she is “normal” and “not superwoman.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Kaley Cuoco said she “highly recommends therapy to everyone out there.” She, also, pointed out that “even if life is going really well,” it is essential, adding that she “cannot imagine life without it.”

When asked about relationships, Kaley Cuoco is firm with her response that she will never tie the knot again. She said that although she “would love to have a long-lasting relationship or a partnership,” she will never get married again.

The 36-year-old actress seemingly emphasized how serious she was with her statement when she told the interview that they could “literally put [her words] on the cover.” She, then, repeated “absolutely not” in terms of marriage.

Cuoco, nevertheless, shared that she still “believes in love” because of her “incredible relationships” in the past. She even revealed that she likes “being someone’s partner and having that companionship.”

The “Why Him” cast member has had a few relationships since the early 2000s. She even secretly dated her “The Big Bang Theory” on-screen partner, Johnny Galecki, for two years, according to Us Weekly.

In 2013, Kaley Cuoco tied the knot with Ryan Sweeting three months after getting engaged. The marriage lasted for 21 months as they decided to separate in 2015, with their divorce finalizing eight months later.

The actress met Karl Cook the following year at a horse show. The pair got engaged in December 2017 and wedded in June 2018.

Three years later, though, Cuoco and Cook announced their split via a joint statement, which made headlines in September 2021.