Kim Kardashian adhered to a strict diet after the “infamous” dress of Marilyn Monroe from 1962 did not fit her. She had to lose about 16 lbs. in three weeks to make it work.

Us Weekly said that the reality star wore the late model’s vintage white gown for the Met Gala 2022. The public would recall that the “Some Like It Hot” actress donned the Bob Mackie piece when she sang “Happy Birthday” to U.S. President John F. Kennedy in 1962.

Kardashian revealed that she ran into trouble a few weeks before the exclusive event when the dress did not fit her. She decided to commit to losing weight to be able to fit into the piece.

Speaking to Vogue over the weekend, the SKIMS founder recalled the steps she took to achieve her goal. She even deemed it a “challenge,” adding that “it was like a role” and she was “determined” to succeed.

Kim Kardashian shared that she “wanted to cry” when she realized the size. More than that, it was because the dress “can’t be altered at all.”

The reality star continued that she only had two choices at the time, which was to “slim down” or “find something else to wear.” But, for her it was all or nothing, causing her to follow a strict diet.

In the same interview, which the publication posted on Tuesday, Kim Kardashian shared how she lost weight in three weeks before the Met Gala 2022. She noted that she did not starve herself, although she “was so strict” to get close to her goal.

The KKW Beauty founder continued that she would “wear a sauna suit twice a day” and “run on the treadmill.” She, also, revealed that she “completely cut out all sugar and all carbs,” eating only the “cleanest veggies and protein.”

About a month later, she tried the dress for the final fitting. The publication said that the “dress fit like a glove,” noting that Kardashian “wanted to cry tears of joy” when the dress went up.

Vogue, later on, said that the reality star only wore Marilyn Monroe’s dress for a matter of minutes during the Met Gala 2022. As explained, this is due to the “fragile nature and historical value” of the piece.

Kim Kardashian changed into a replica of the dress after climbing the stairs at the event. She stated that she is “extremely respectful to the dress and what it means to American history.”

The reality star attended the exclusive event with her boyfriend, Pete Davidson. It marked their second joint red carpet appearance ever after attending the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday.