Joe Biden is rumored to have had dementia for years.

In its May 9 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Biden’s dementia is getting much worse.

A source claimed that the POTUS’s behavior has been alarming because he seems to be having hallucinations, false memories, misstatements, aimless wandering, and other telltale signs that he’s suffering from a cognitive decline.

Dr. Carole Lieberman, who has been commenting on Biden’s health, claimed that the president could indeed have dementia. However, it is important to note that she has never treated him.

“What I was calling encroaching dementia seems to be getting worse and worse. You don’t have to be a psychiatrist to recognize he is showing more and more symptoms. Everyone from Russian leader Vladimir Putin to the average Joe can see it,” she said.

A second doctor named Dr. Holly Schiff claimed that Biden’s cognitive abilities are declining at an alarming speed.

“He is not also receiving any type of treatment or cognitive support. Instead of denying that there is an issue, the administration should be acknowledging his cognitive decline and coming to Biden’s aid,” Schiff said.

Schiff also talked about an incident that took place on Easter Sunday at the White House. The Easter bunny reportedly whisked the POTUS away after he started babbling about Afghanistan and Pakistan.

And Biden seemed dazed and confused while he was being escorted away from the reporter that he was talking to.

“This moment appears to be clinical as a hallucination. Visual hallucinations are caused by damage to the brain that typically happens in the middle to later stages of dementia,” Schiff said.

Retired U.S. Attorney Major General Paul Valley is also convinced that Biden is suffering from cognitive decline.

“The cognitive decline is very obvious even to someone who isn’t a doctor. It’s a dangerous and unsustainable situation,” he said.

As of late, Biden’s physician at the White House has not said anything about the POTUS suffering from dementia.

But it is important to note that memory lapses are common for someone as old as Biden. However, this doesn’t automatically mean that he’s suffering from dementia.

It is also important to note that the exact same storyline was published multiple times by the tabloid while Donald Trump was president. They also claimed that he had dementia even when he didn’t simply because he forgets things every now and then.