Meghan Markle is allegedly thrilled with all the attention she received at the Invictus Games.

In its May 2 issue, Heat UK claimed that Markle told Prince Harry that they are just getting started.

“There’s a ton of black slapping going on right now inside Team Sussex, and Meghan could not be happier if she tried. She’s telling Harry they’ve played a blinder and their comeback is just getting started. But she also knows it’s critical they maintain their standards and don’t allow anyone to try to steamroller them. She wants them to be able to live their lives the way they want to – and the royal family will have to fit in with that,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Markle thinks that she and Prince Harry have entered a whole stratosphere of importance. So, even with all the criticisms, the Duchess of Sussex continues to pursue her agenda. She also feels as though she’s back with Queen Elizabeth but did it on her own terms.

“Meghan was always confident that if she and Harry bided their time, they would be welcomed back into the royal fold. It was all about staying true to their principles and riding out the uncomfortable standoff that’s been in effect since their Oprah interview. It’s fair to say that, out of the two of them, this has been harder for Harry,” the source said.

The Duke of Sussex reportedly hates unresolved conflicts. And it was also evident that he wanted to hash things out with the royal family without looking weak and defeated. However, Markle allegedly advised Prince Harry to just sit tight and not do anything until the time is right.

Markle didn’t allegedly want her husband to seem weak that is why they waited for the perfect moment to return to the UK. The “Suits” alum wanted the press to calm down first before she and Prince Harry reunited with the queen so that there won’t be that much fuss surrounding them. But that is not what happened. 

While it is true that the timing of Prince Harry and Markle’s return to the UK seemed perfect, there was no proof that the couple plotted everything that they did.

There’s also no indication that Markle was the one that encouraged Prince Harry to sit tight and wait for the perfect time to visit the queen.